About us

At Capri The Food island, you can treat yourself to the delicious authentic Italian food of the Old World. Taste sauces and food prepared from scratch in our kitchens just like Mama would have made.  Bring your favorite Wine and let us pour you a glass of wine and bring you your favorite meal. We are committed to serving a very high quality entre's in an atmosphere that is friendly to every occasion. Marinara, meat sauce and alfredo sauces are made fresh right here every day. We use fresh roma tomatoes for our marinara, meat sauce and pizza sauce. Our Alfredo sauce is made from heavy cream with plenty of parmesan cheese and it’s not cooked until you order it! We make our signature salad dressings, batter our own chicken parmesan, eggplant and calamari, and our parmesan spinach dip is our own recipe from scratch. 

Here at Capri you can step back in time to when things were a little simpler and there was always time for great food, family & friends.

Please join us, soon!




Capri offers many different options so that you can customize your party in any way that you would like. From linen color, to different types of food and beverages, we have everything it takes to make your event a World Class affair.

Call us today or fill out form below to speak with an event planner and get the ball rolling on your next big party.